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Gail Michael ~ Sculptor

In 2011, Gail walked into Laguna Beach Art Supply and came upon a slab of alabaster on a shelf. Her heart started to sing and the love story began. She would soon meet Joyce Schleiniger, a very talented Brazilian sculptor and teacher who would become her mentor.

Gail believes that,

“Once we come into alignment with our own souls, then anything is possible.”

The first time she sculpted, Schleiniger told her she had a talent. Her first piece, Adonai, came from a vision. Her second was a bust of Michelangelo’s The David. With a smile on her face, Schleiniger said, “I am not sure you are ready for this piece. It is a very large undertaking for only your second project.” But Gail blindly knew she could do it, even though her only image at the time was a small slip of paper with a side view of his profile. So under the guidance of her teacher, she created a bust of The David—by no means perfect, but not bad for a novice.

From there, she went on to recreate her own interpretations of a series she has titled, From Ancient to Now. In this collection, she has sculpted ancient warrior helmets, an Achilles bas relief, Canova’s Paolina Borghese, a bust of Dionysis which she has titled Liberation and her own version of Neptune’s Torso called La Forza. This was just the beginning. Recently, she has sculpted male and female torsos, a bust of Carl Sagan and other more contemporary works. She has worked with live models and always pushes her own boundaries.

“Knowing very little about sculpting gave me the freedom to go beyond my mind.
In the beginning, if I had realized I was not classically trained,
I might have created fear by believing I was not good enough…and then fail.”

 Schleiniger has also pushed boundaries in her own career, so she has supported Gail with her endeavors. Gail uses WS4 clay because once fired, it reminds her of the smoothness of marble. She has successfully done large 18 to 20 inch busts in WS4 with little loss. She has experimented with other types of clay but always steals back to her favorite. When molding the clay, Gail mostly works with her hands.

She says,

“The closer I can get to what I’m creating, the sooner I can get inside of the clay.
This is where it enters me. This is when my soul connects with the soul of the piece;
and this is where creation happens.”

Gail’s opinion is that everything has a spirit of its own and she is very passionate about seeing and touching that spirit. Then, she is lost in the work until its completion.

“I’ve been told my sculptures have an energy about them. I believe it’s because I am connected with the work as I sculpt and allow myself to be guided. Each one speaks to me and has a message. There is an incredible sense of love and spirituality when I am connected with the piece…almost as if they are whispering of the past and the possibilities of our future here. Therein lies the magic and the beauty.”

Gail believes the sculpture connects the art lover with his or her own soul, opening them up to new possibilities. She also is convinced that each piece she creates is already destines to its owner.

“Years ago, I bought this lovely ruby ring that was shaped like a teardrop.
When I put it on, my heart burst wide open and I wept. The Middle Eastern jeweler smiled
and said, ‘I made this for you. It has been waiting for you to come.’”

“How conscious was he to know this. My sculptures are the same.
When the true owner walks into a gallery and connects with a work of art,
they will feel it, and claim it as their own.”

 Her pieces are timeless, reminding us that they should not be forgotten. “I believe that in every moment, everything is changing in and around us. So to recreate something from the past—to bring it forth into the now—somehow comforts us. Our inner knowingness and connection is so vast that we are forever going back and forth from one dimension to another, one timeline to another…back and forth…back and forth. I am bringing forth what is inside the self, manifested through clay.”

“My work is here to remind us all that we can create anything once we listen to our own inner voice. I live always coming to the edge of myself, looking for what I can create next, and how I can create it. Creating form with clay is a natural thing for me. It is like creating and recreating my own life.”

“Our true purpose in life is to experience the soul,
and this is my expression of what my soul is sharing with me at this time.”

 Gail’s goal is to ignite the hearts of others with her art.

If you are interested in hiring Gail for a commissioned work, please contact her via the form on the CONTACT page.





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