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Gail Michael ~ Author

Since Gail was five years old, she knew she was a writer. She started penning musings and writings as early as ten. At fourteen, she discovered poetry. But as life would have its way with her, she would not truly realize her dream until 1998 when she would become a published author. That year, the International Library of Poetry would publish her works in a Celebration of Poets. In 2003, she was published by Noble House in Theatre of the Mind. She has also been published in the Amherst Society’s Celebrations of the Heart.

In 2002, her writing would take center stage in her life. A non-fiction work was published, the story of her mother’s battle with cancer, I Am a Thousand Winds That Blow, The Healing Power of a Remarkable Death. In 2005, Gail was invited to be a co-author in the best-selling series Giving GratitudeWake Up – Live the Life You Love with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Greg Scott Reid and others.

In 2005, Gail lived on the island of Capri in Italy for a time where she wrote (and would soon publish) The Passions of Roxanna which is currently out of print. A rewrite of the novel titled Unveiling Rosanna was released in September 2017.

In 2008, she wrote A Foot in Both Worlds, Finding the Open Spaces, a collection of messages and simple reminders to help us find inner peace in today’s world. This work will be published on her site soon, one chapter at a time. She also continues to add to her collection of verses in Shekina, the Heart of God. She says she will know when it’s time to release it to the public.

A Message from Gail

Peace is when we sit in the midst of our chaotic day, inside the instability of our personal life, our work and this unimaginable, sometimes irrational world, trying to survive. Money is shrinking, most of humanity is starving, scared, lonely and confused.  Division and war are at their highest level.

But in the midst of all this, somehow as we leave this stage that is playing out before us, and return to that safe place inside ourselves, we are able to find a sense of peace and serenity.  Maybe the whole purpose of all that is going on around us is to clarify for us, what is acceptable in our lives and on this planet, and what is not.

It may feel as if this human race we are a part of has not made any progress in its evolution.  But we have … because we now stand together and shout, “Enough!”

Gail hopes to inspire others with her written work.


Unveiling Rosanna

ISBN: 1974669343

Unveiling Rosanna is about the unraveling of Deborah Allen’s psyche after she witnesses firsthand, her husband’s infidelity and the death of her perfect marriage. A recurring dream takes her to the island of Capri off the coast of Amalfi where flashbacks of her husband’s deceptions emerge. As she faces her demons and forgives her innocence, she begins to heal. This is when the real Roxanna gradually unfolds and she is soon ready to venture off the island and travel.

Roxanna sets off on an inspirational journey through Italy and Greece meeting a cast of characters who are both loving and supportive. From each adventure—sometimes comical and oftentimes mystical, she learns more about herself than she knew before. Her account of her exploits will keep you entertained and often on the edge of your seat.

This story is about women’s empowerment and learning to love yourself enough to have the life you want.





Foot_in Both Worlds Cover

A Foot in Both Worlds:
Finding the Open Spaces

To be released soon.

Open Spaces are the emptiness we find in each and every breath. Emptiness is not the absence of anything. It is the well walls that hold all things.

A Foot in Both Worlds is a guidebook for humans in today’s world. Nothing is as it was. All is changing. All is different. Sometimes we feel lost, not knowing what to do next. These simple reminders help sooth our souls as we live in the chaotic energies of our world. They are gentle reminders showing us the Open Spaces where we will find the peace which lies within each of us. The message throughout this inspiring work is that we do not have to look outward for anything, for all we need to know is within us. All we have to do is connect with our own “Inner Being-ness.” And how do we connect? Simply by breathing … one conscious breath at a time. The breath is the doorway the Open Spaces. It is that simple!





1000 winds book cover (2)

I Am a Thousand Winds That Blow

Softcover, First Edition ~ ISBN 1-55517-611-9

I Am a Thousand Winds That Blow is the powerful and spiritual story of Gail’s journey through the last year of her mother’s life as she battles cancer. It’s about the little miracles that happen during this time and how we can face death with laughter and love, no matter how turbulent our relationships with our parents are. Gail and her mother healed their often times misunderstood relationship with each other and savored the little gifts that were received by both during the process. Her mother was an incredible woman who faced her own death with humor. As her friends and family wept, she turned their tears into laughter. And as she lay dying, she spoke of what she was experiencing on the other side. A Thousand Winds That Blow will open your heart and offer support and hope to those who are either going through this process themselves or caring for a loved one who is dying. This is a simple little book written for those who are grieving due to the loss or impending loss of a parent or loved one. It talks about mother-daughter relationships during the times of family crisis. The book is a spiritual story of a mother’s journey through the process of death and has a very healing aspect as you venture deeper into it. It’s a poignant story on a subject in which you would not expect to find laughter and joy. It may be useful to those struggling to cope with the whirlwind events that surround a death due to cancer, including coming to terms with the inevitable death of a loved one, reactions of family members and above all, one’s own growth and revelation.



Depression Book Cover

Floating Through It Without Drugs

eBook coming soon

FINALLY! THERE IS HOPE! For those of us who suffer from depression, oftentimes, we feel lost as we move in and out of it and suffer in silence. Many of us never speak about it, fearful that we might be treated like a pariah, cast out from our inner circles, our families and our friendships. It’s not your fault and you do not have to suffer. The solution that most doctors recommend is to start a regimen of antidepressants, but these are hard on the body and the psyche. What if you could heal yourself of this dark malady? I did, and through my process of trying to identify why I was lost in despair, unable to cope with life, I found a number of causes for my depression. And I found ways to heal myself. Based on my own personal experience and my rise above it all, I wrote this book. Today, I am “depression-free” and have been for over a decade, something I am grateful for it. Take back your life! It’s time!

This book is being revised. Stay posted!





Giving Gratitude

ISBN 1-933063-01-7

Giving Gratitude is a compilation of inspirational stories by authors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gail Michael and others. It is an outstanding collection of personal accounts of triumph over physical, emotional or spiritual adversities by successful leaders from all around the world. These authors wanted to express their gratitude for the success in their own personal and professional lives by sharing their stories. Gail’s inspirational chapter tells why and how she found gratitude in the life she had created based on her early childhood traumas. From this experience, she learned forgiveness, compassion, and self-love and explains how it led her to live the life she now loves.