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Writer • Author • Artist

Gail is a writer and a published author. Known for writing both fiction and non-fiction, her mission has always been to inspire others. Over the years, she has written collections of poetry, travel blogs, articles and books.

Four years ago, Gail discovered the art of sculpture. She walked into an art supply store and her heart jumped out of her chest. It was then that her love affair with clay began. Although she is not classically trained, she found her talent for sculpting classical-style busts, torsos and bas reliefs.

She doesn’t think there is anything special about what she does or how she creates. She believes that anyone can do whatever they dream once they are connected with their own soul.

In 2015, after spending over 20 years in the medical device industry, she started Riena Literary Services, a freelance writing business where she ghostwrote books and articles. In parallel, she took on the role as managing editor for a division of Endangered Child Foundation in The Netherlands. Gail enjoys helping wherever she can.


Mission Statement

Gail believes that we are all connected and what one feels, we all feel.  She believes that if we are connected to our own soul and inner spirit, we will find peace, joy and compassion for others. This is the foundation for our inner strength.  Once we are strong within, then we can become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.

Gail’s mission is to ignite the hearts and souls of others through her work.

Gail Michael

Gail Michael